Accent with Resin Wicker End tables

A lot of times, a wicker set that includes a coffeetable but not end tables is purchased. End tables are easier to use than coffee tables, which is why we all prefer them. You can make a seating arrangement more comfortable and appropriate for everyone by using resin wicker end table between pieces of furniture or pieces that stand alone. Wicker Warehouse Wicker File Cabinets was created in the year 1978 by a family-owned business. We’ve been working hard since then to make sure that you get high-quality items at a great value. The majority of our products that are featured here are our creations produced in partnership factories.

Furniture arrangement

Laying out patio furniture is a good idea. You want it to be in the most used arrangement. A rectangle or semicircle is a common arrangement for furniture. Sometimes, furniture is scattered around a deck or porch for specific purposes such as a chaise lounge. Consider placing a resin wicker side table between or next to these pieces of furniture. This will make it easier for those who use the tables to move around and improve the look of your patio furniture arrangement.

End table shapes and sizes

There are many sizes and shapes available for resin wicker end tables. Round and square top tables are the most common. Many end tables come with a lower shelf. You can choose to add top glass to some styles. Others have frames that allow you to see through to the bottom shelf.

Resin Type

There are two types of resins: flat and round. An end table made with round cane will be best for furniture that is woven using round resin cane. Flat cane furniture will require an end table made from flat cane.

Glass Tops

You should consider rethinking your decision to buy a wicker table if the one you’re looking for doesn’t come with a top. Although woven wicker tops are beautiful, they can make it difficult to place a wine glass on them. Make sure to get a glass table top for your wicker end tables so you don’t tip.


To get the best value, plan how you will set it up with your wicker set before you shop for a resin coffee table. Match existing furniture with a resin endtable. To make it more user-friendly, place it between or next to other furniture. You can choose from popular shapes like square and round topped tables. Glass tops are used to ensure that drink glasses do not tip.