Anupama Written Update: 20th September 2021

Anupama Written Update 20th Sept 2021. Check Today’s Latest News on Anupama Today Final Episode. You can find all details about Disney Anupama written updates 20.09.2021. Many of you must be fans of the popular series Anupama, which also appears on the Disney OTT platform. Before I update the same, I will share here the latest episode of Anupama’s series from September 20th. If you love this sweet series, check out the video below.

Anupama Written Update 20th September 2021

Kavya and Vanraj return home. She then tells Vanraj how she feels about Anuj Kapadia. He is charming and everyone knows that. Kavya believes he is charming too. Vanraj recalls with excitement that anupama written update Devika once told him that Anu was the most handsome boy in college. Anu informs Baa that she’s coming home. Kavya comments that someone with 40 lakh rupees considers river pantry themselves Ambani. Their attitude is not in line with it.

Vanraj asks her where he is lost. He replied that he was thinking about something. She replies that it was about Anuj. He is a friend of Anuj, so surely they can access the factory (karkhana). Vanraj replied that he was Anu’s classmate, not his friend. Kavya says that classmates are also friends. It isn’t? Vanraj responds in a frustrated tone, “No, there’s nothing like that.” He is not Anu’s friend.

Vanraj was very annoyed by this and asked Kavya to stop talking negatively about him. In a humorous manner, she said that her “Thepla-like” ex-wife’s friend looked like a pizza. Vanraj became angry again and repeated the comment to avoid mentioning again Anuj.

Anupama Written Updates 20.09.2021

It is obvious that Anuj is asking Devika if he feels uncomfortable as he must drop Anu home. Anuj replies that it is fine. She could have said no in college if she really wanted to. There are still hopes, and he didn’t want to lose black hoodie the chance of finding love again. Anu has lived her life without love for 26 years and she is not asking for it in her life. On the other hand, Anuj is infatuated with her but he doesn’t have the strength to tell her the same. He then asks her if she is his best friend and what the last matter is of the Karkhana.