7 Tips to Book City-to-City Bus Tickets

7 Tips to Book City-to-City Bus Tickets

Planning a vacation can be costly. This is especially true for transportation. While planes and cars are the most popular option, buses are becoming more affordable. Bus tickets from one city to another can be as affordable as normal transport costs if you plan ahead and are flexible. Are you unsure where to begin your search? These are 7 tips to help you find the best time for booking bus tickets.

Research Your Trip Online

Bus companies offer services to many destinations. Make sure you choose a service that has the bus route you need to get to your destination. These 14 states are served by Jefferson Lines every day.

To get a lower price, book in advance

Booking in advance is generally a good idea. It is a good idea to book as soon as possible. Many bus companies offer lower fares to early buyers. Jefferson Lines offers discounted prices:

  • 7-day advance payment (15% discount)
  • Affordable Options for Last-Minute Buyers

Many times, discounts are available for passengers based on their age or military/veteran status. These discounts cannot be combined with an advance purchase so it is a great way to save money for last-minute buyers. The complete list of discounts can be found here.

Flexibility is key when choosing your dates

Saving money is easier if you can be flexible about your departure dates. Many transportation options are sold out during peak travel times, such as holidays. Some also charge additional for peak times like Saturdays. Jefferson Lines charges an extra for weekends and holidays, so it is possible to travel on off-times.

Get Discounts and Deals on Future Orders

Sign up to receive discounts and other offers via email to make your search easier for future city-to-city bus tickets. These emails will be sent directly to your email so that you are the first to hear about them. Sign up here to receive exclusive offers and deals by Jefferson Lines

Know your Purchasing Options

Online ticket purchase has been the fastest way to buy tickets. Jefferson Lines offers in-person, over-the phone and prepaid ticket ordering (a way to send tickets to another city).

Get ready for your trip

Your departure will run smoothly if you are familiar with the policies. Also, arriving on time can help set the tone for your entire trip. Jefferson Lines suggests that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your departure time. You can also check baggage policies and bus amenities to ensure you’re prepared for any unexpected situations.

Affordable bus options can be found with a little research and planning. What’s the bottom line? The best time to book cheap bus tickets is further ahead. You can save money on transport and spend more time on your vacation.

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