Fiji and Thailand Travel Advice


Fiji has taken a number of steps to stop the spread of the virus, including closing its borders due to the COVID-19 global situation. Between 23:00 and 04.00, a national curfew was in place. Public places (shops, restaurants) may operate at half capacity. However, entertainment venues like nightclubs can continue to be open.

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Fiji’s current advice is to be cautious and take precautionary measures. Fiji is located just 4 hours away from Australia and 3 hours away from New Zealand. It has more than 330 islands, making it a popular tourist destination. Fiji is known for its stunning white beaches and coral diving spots. If basic security precautions are taken, it should be easy to travel to.


There are some ethnic tensions between IndoFijians, Fijians, and Fijians. This is evident because there is segregation. In addition to political tensions, there have been coups in the government in 2000, 2000 and 2006. Fiji is a recipient aid because of its trade and budget deficits.


Many roads in Fiji, especially in the larger cities, are not maintained well. The roads beyond cities are often not paved, making them particularly dangerous to drive on at night.


Nothing is more exciting than booking a vacation to a new location and anticipating all the sights you will see. We know there is a lot to consider so we have some tips to help you plan your trip. So you can concentrate on the fun part.

Thailand’s best time to travel

It’s important to consider the tropical climate when you travel to Thailand, especially if your plans include island hopping. Take a look at these helpful climate tips to help you decide when and where to go.

Visa, Passport, and Money Advice

It’s essential to be familiar with the basics of travel information when planning your trip to Thailand. These helpful tips are direct from our Thailand team and will help you with any questions about currency, passports, or visas.

How to Get Around Thailand

There are many options for transport in Thailand, from overnight sleeper trains to colorful longtail boats to bustling tuk tuks and colourful longtail boats. This information will help you get around Thailand.

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