Tigr Safari India

A tigr safari is a thrilling way to experience a new level of adventure. It is an unforgettable experience to see the Royal Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat. It is a unique experience that you will treasure for a lifetime. The graceful strides, gracious demeanour and the royal stripes that blend in the wilderness make it a memorable experience.

Pugdundee Safaris wants you to experience the royal cat in a unique and unforgettable way. We have compiled a list of ready-made guidelines that will make your tigr Safari experience unique.

1) Reserve your Tigr Safari at the least 120 days in advance

The park entry capacity of Indian tigr safari reserves is limited. Most popular parks open their ticket sales online 90-120 days futemax before the event. These tickets sell out in a matter of hours. Tickets can sometimes sell out in hours after opening during peak times. You will also be able to access the most popular areas of the park if you book your tickets in time.

2) Go on a Safari with an experienced naturalist

To oversee and manage safaris in popular tigr safari Reserves, a forest guide must be present in the jeeps. They are unlikely to be knowledgeable about flora and fauna, or speak English only occasionally. This is to promote local employment opportunities and integrate locals into the new eco-tourism sector.

Many have learned English over the years and are now experts at interpreting the flora & fauna. However, they are limited to a list and each brushy mountains safari is given a different guide.

3) Enjoy a mix of different Tiger Reserve Zones

  • Tourists are welcome in all the popular tigr safari Reserves.
  • Three important areas in Bandhavgarh are Tala, Magdhi, and Khitauli.
  • Kanha has four important zones: Kisli, Kanha, Mukki and Sarhi zone.

4) Clothing

The majority of tigers reserve temperatures are either moderate or warm, so many guests come prepared.

Even though October and April are warm months, safaris can still be very cold. It is windy driving in open jeeps through forested areas in a jeep. These months can make the safari very cold for the first two hours. But once carin leon the sun comes out, it warms up and sometimes even gets hot.

5) Minimum 5-6 Nights in order to ensure sightings

Many guests visit the Tiger reserves in hopes of seeing a wild Tiger. Many guests have it on their bucket lists.

Although sighting wild tigers can be a matter or chance, it all depends on the weather and season, as well as your naturalist and driver.

Sometimes, you hit it big on your first drive. Other times, you don’t.