5 Things You May Not Know About Scotland

Are you a native of Scotland? There may be some surprising facts about Scotland that you don’t know. These are five things you may not know about Scotland.

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  • Scotland has more than 790 offshore islands

Before I began researching for my trip, I didn’t realize how many islands Scotland had. Because each one was unique, I wanted to see them all. I decided to explore just a few islands in the Inner and Outer Hebrides.

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  • It’s not all Black Pudding and Haggis.

Last week I spoke about how I am not very adventurous when it comes food. So it is probably not surprising that I wasn’t excited to try Haggis and Black Pudding. I was fortunate to find plenty of delicious things to eat in Scotland. There are plenty of fresh, local seafood options, Shepherd’s Pies and Indian food.

  • Passes That Include Ferries and Buses

Transport can be one of your biggest expenses when you travel. I was delighted to learn that ACP Rail offers a Freedom of Scotland Pass that includes ferry trips to various islands and buses to remote areas. Click here for more information and to view the prices.

These types of passes may also be offered by other companies in Scotland, but I was unable to locate any.

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  • Hostels in the Islands

I had always believed that accommodation in Scotland would cost me a lot. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that hostels are available on many islands. There are two hostels I found: Dervaig Hostel in Isle of Mull and Dunard Hostel in Barra.

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  • The Big 5

The Year of Natural Scotland 2013 is celebrated in Scotland. To celebrate, they collaborated with Scottish Natural Heritage to create a list of five of Scotland’s most beloved wildlife. The Red Squirrel and Red Deer, Golden Eagle and Otter are their top five picks. Perhaps next year, they’ll make it seven with Puffins or Heilan’ Coos.