How to Stay Connected While Traveling?

Are you worried about staying connected while on an international trip? I understand. You wouldn’t believe how many times I have tried to find reliable WiFi while traveling abroad. Being an internet-based entrepreneur, I must stay connected.

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It doesn’t matter if you are traveling for business or just to stay in touch with family and friends, staying connected while on the road is becoming easier and more affordable. Vision Global WiFi, a company that offers portable WiFi service in more than 130 countries, has partnered with us to provide tips and tricks on staying connected while on the road.

Make use of an International WiFi Hotspot

An International Pocket WiFi Hotspot allows you to connect to the internet on any device without having to set up. Vision Global WiFi’s model lets you simply enter a password in the Hotspot device and gain access to the Internet quickly. During my 3-week trip to Switzerland and Ireland, I used Vision Global’s WiFi device and it worked flawlessly.

A WiFi Hotspot’s Benefits

A WiFi Hotspot will not only save you money on roaming fees and help you save time once you get to your destination, but it will also save you valuable holiday dollars. The service has allowed me to use it to post, voice and video call family members and business partners, research destinations, blog, and navigate with maps.

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The service is also extremely useful for me when I’m planning to go hiking or camping. It can sometimes be difficult to get a signal or data coverage when I’m out of the grid. This can make it dangerous depending on where I am and the circumstances. A Vision Global WiFi Hotspot allows you to connect up to five devices simultaneously and can also be used as a backup battery!

A WiFi Hotspot makes it easy to know how much my bill will be, regardless of whether I need to change my plans or if there is a problem.

How to Rent a WiFi Hotspot?

Vision Global WiFi offers Hotspot rentals. Simply visit their website and apply for a WiFi router. The device will then be delivered to you at the address you have specified one day prior to your departure. You must apply at least 4 days before your departure to ensure you receive the router on time.

Once your trip is done, you can return the Hotspot via USPS within 24 hours using the pre-paid envelope. Easy!

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Use a WiFi Hotspot Tips

  • Optimize your E-Mail

Did you know you can limit the size and file sizes of your e-mail downloads? You can limit the size of your downloads in your e-mail, which is a great way lower your WiFi usage. You can simply disable downloading restrictions for files larger than a certain size and you will have more Wi-Fi room.

Also, be sure to turn off your email push notifications. You won’t even notice it.

  • Multimedia viewing restrictions

It takes a lot of bandwidth to stream videos and other internet activities. You can get the most from your WiFi Hotspot by limiting your use of multimedia content and sticking to text-based content.

  • Check Your Background Apps

Even if you close an app after using it, that doesn’t mean they stop running in the background. This can eat up your bandwidth and battery life.

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You can control which apps run in the background by going to your system settings. This will apply to Apple devices.