Best time to visit Kerala

Winter period between September to March is the ideal time to see Kerala. This is actually the time when Kerala has a comfortable climate and fine weather without humidity. Should you would like to learn more about the enchanting lagoons, tranquil canals and hot areas of Kerala’s amazing cities, then winter is the best time for you. The summertime in Kerala, such as April and May, hill stations like Munnar and Wayanad are popular amongst guests. Individuals that are interested in finding ayurvedic remedies favor Monsoon season from June to August.

Basically, the winter between September to March is the ideal time to see Kerala tour packages, to enjoy the gorgeous environment in weather. The ideal time to see backwaters in Kerala is from November through February.

Like Wizard of Oz’s Emerald City, Kerala sparkles with a million shades of green, heaven tinted with woods hues, it welcomes travelers to its coasts, beaches, mountains, deserts and plains. Famous for its tasty tea and tasty cuisine, it is not surprising that Kerala tops each wayfarer’s bucket list. Regardless of the time of year, Kerala manages to entice, excite and enhance locals and foreigners alike. Those yearning for privacy, amidst nature’s symphony, want not appear too much.

Kerala in Winter (October-February)

Temperature: The air temperature throughout the summer of winter varies between 10°C and 25°C,

Weather: The weather of Kerala in winter is just beautiful. Having a drop in humidity and temperature levels, an individual can bask in the green allure. The air is dry and crisp, while the atmosphere exudes a gentle chill. The days are nice and cool and the nighttime dip into frosty degrees. This is the very best climate to see Kerala in for exploration of its cultural and natural sights.

Significance: Kerala during winter is just nothing short of dreamy and wonderous. The mist-coated plains of Alleppey, Munnar, Kumarakom and Wayanad are particularly exciting to tour. Celebrations of Christmas and New Year decorate the arenas with panoramic beauty – fairy lights, celebrities and bobbles galore. Colonial churches and quaint markets present as a time machine to historical customs!

Why you need to visit today: To be able to genuinely relish the spice plantations, rolling hills and twisting paths, the weather has to be amicable. Winter allows comfortable traversing, minus the hassles of tacky humidity, scorching sunlight or unforgiving rain. In-fact the wintry winds could be rejuvenating. This is a wonderful time for wildlife safaris, boat stores and tea mill visits.

Items to know ahead of the trip Peak tourist season starts in mid-December, resulting in an influx of local and global travellers. Prices tend to incline towards the higher side, in this moment. Therefore, it is suggested that all tour and resort bookings be carried out ahead of time. Do not be alarmed by big audiences, long queues and slower service.

Tips: Kerala winters aren’t glacial; nonetheless, nights can fall down to cold specimens especially in elevated areas like Munnar. Consequently, it’s a good idea to pack long pants, cardigans and sweaters. If you are one to feel really chilly, throw in a pair of scarves and scarves too. Moisturiser and lip balm are must have items for this particular moment!

Kerala in Summer (March-May)

Temperature: The air temperature throughout the summer of summer contrasts between 29°C and 40°C.

Weather: The weather of Kerala in summertime changes from heat to scorching, based on the area and altitude. The coastal areas, particularly, get humid and sticky. Generally, the times bask and inhale in warmth, whereas the evenings give way to warmer weather as germ levels fall. This might not be the ideal time to see Kerala in if you’re seeking to acquire the utmost of the outside.

Significance: Picturesque mountain channels like Munnar, Thekkady, Vagamon and Ponmudi are all fantastic places to see during the summertime. An individual can escape the warmth and enjoy the sexy atmospheres of those jade mountains. Trekking, hiking, picnicking and biking are a few of the fascinating activities to partake in, amidst natural sceneries.

Why you need to visit today: Aside from the monogamous vision of gentle blue sky and daring green environment, summer is full of parties and parties. In-fact the temples of Thrissur, Sabarimala, Attukal, Padmanabhaswamy, Vaikom and Chinakkathoor sponsor their own festivals – outfitted with processions, parades, costume, dance and song.

Items to know ahead of the trip: Since this year isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, it turns into a favorite destination for budget travelers. The summertime witnesses a dip in resort and tour costs, something one needs to reevaluate on! Last, take precautions, even in case you are one to suffer from heat strokes and fatigue.

Tips: Kerala summers can wear you down, so you have got to be ready. Pack light cotton clothes, comfortable footwear and SPF+ 30 Sunscreen. Do not forget your sunglasses and hat! Stay hydrated throughout daily and eat regular meals of small proportions.