Bodum Travel Mugs: The Best

We believe the Zojirushi SM–SC48 Stainless Steel Bodum Travel Mugs, despite spending nearly 78 hours researching and testing it over the last four years, is the best Bodum Travel Mugs for keeping your drink hot, preventing leaks and accompanying you on any commute. The Zojirushi kept liquids hotter than any other mug, even after being frozen for 8 hours. This is important if you want your drink to last longer.

Zojirushi SMSC Stainless Steel Bodum Travel Mugs

Contigo Autoseal Transit Bodum Travel Mugs are a different mug than the Zojirushi SM–SC. However, it has many features that we love. It has fewer parts and is easier to clean. The Autoseal button prevents spills by allowing you to hold the button down while sipping. The flat lid doesn’t irritate your eyes or bump PRINCIPAL PHOTOGRAPHY your nose while you drink, unlike Zojirushi’s flip top lid. The Transit won’t keep your drinks as hot as Zojirushi for a prolonged period of time but some people may prefer it. We’ve heard complaints that Zojirushi kept drinks too hot. Although the Transit is slightly wider than the SM–SC, it can be used to make your mug fit better in a car cup holder, use Aeropress, pour over drippers, or steep tea directly with the mug. However, this also means that it is heavier and bulkier.

Contigo’s SnapSeal Bodum Travel Mugs passes our leak test, is easy to clean and fits snugly into car cup holders. It’s easy to use travel channel logos, with just one button to pour from the mug. It also features a rubberized grip like the Transit. This makes it easier to hold on to. Although it will keep your drinks warm for hours at room temperatures, it is not as hot as our top pick (it performed just as STANLEY TRAVEL MUG well in our heat tests as the Transit). The tab on the lid isn’t as secure as the other picks so we wouldn’t recommend putting it in a bag. However, it’s still a great mug for those who don’t want to use it as often.

These things do need to be cleaned every now and again. We also offer a bottle-brush suggestion for cleaning out gunk.