Five Secrets to Adorable “Cake Smashing Photography”

We asked a cake smashing photography to share her tips on making this moment adorable (and messy).

The best part about any birthday party is the cake. It’s not just about the cake: Baby can be seen covered in sweet confection from head to toe, which makes for adorable photos. Social media’s craze for cake smashing photography is a great way to celebrate baby’s first birthday. There’s something so adorable about little children making a mess.

Do a Practice Run

Although you might think that baby is eager to get dirty, Muniz states that most children need to be coaxed. She says, “It takes time to get the baby comfortable enough to explore on their own.” Before the big day, she suggests that baby be given a camera to practice william kofron photography cake smashing photography. It can be easier to see the textures and colors in advance, nier fast travel which can help you avoid surprises and make your experience more smooth.

Choose the Right Cake Smashing Photography

Is it possible to make a “wrong” cake? You might not have to use fondant for dessert. Instead, try buttercream frosting or whipped cream frosting. Baby can easily grasp and squeeze soft icing, making it easier to eat. Baby’s curiosity can be piqued by bright colors, sprinkles, or a favorite character. They may also want to touch the cake. Muniz suggests that if this is not enough, Muniz recommends “putting something on top or near the cake smashing photography to get the child’s attention immediately.” Baby may be more inclined to eat a familiar, favorite snack hidden behind the cake.

Be a master of distraction

Do you want to make your baby smile and laugh? Prepare to be silly. To get your baby’s attention, have someone you trust stand near to make silly faces and play peekaboo. You can also play a song on your phone, or sing a nursery rhyme. To keep your baby calm in case of an emergency, always have a blanket or pacifier nearby. Food is always an option if that fails.

Have Fun and be Patient

Although it might take some time to get the baby used to being in front of the camera, Muniz states patience is the most important thing. She advises that you should be open to all possibilities. Children can cry, it’s normal. These moments can be very memorable. Once the baby is comfortable with the situation, you will see lots of smiles and laughter. Baby will be more open-minded if you approach the situation with a positive attitude and an open mind. They only turn one time, so celebrating the first year is a great reason to celebrate.