Fiji vs French Polynesia

Fiji Travel Guide

Fiji Is Composed of roughly 330 islands, but only 100 of these are actually occupied.

Most travelers are just knowledgeable about the two large islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, and for good reason: You are probably going to land at Nadi Airport on Viti Levu.

The same as the Maldives, you have a great deal of islands to select from!

If you are still undecided, here are some of the best Islands in Fiji for inspiration:

Kadavu — scuba diving (it’s the world’s 4th biggest reef!) , eco-resorts, and wildlife

The Yasawa Islands — excellent for kayaking, water sports, and Exploring caves

Taveuni — hiking, waterfalls, and snorkeling

Mamanuca Islands — snorkeling, white sandy shores, and Lots of sun

If I could tell one of the main piece of information for Fiji, it is that moving from island to island could get pricey.

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For instance: If you are traveling from Port Denarau (among the biggest vents near Nadi airport) into the Yasawa Islands, it is going to cost you approximately $125 FJD ($55) for a 1 way ticket to a public ferry. In case you’ve got a bigger group and need to book a private water taxi that cost jumps all of the way around $600 to $800 FJD ($265 to $355 USD) to get a one-way excursion.

If you have already reserved your accommodation in Fiji and it is not on a significant island, you are able to message the resort and ask whether they provide transport to and from the airport. Nearly all hotels and hotels have toothbrush travel cases some transport system set up, and it can generally help you save money in the long term.

Budget or All-inclusive?

Among the primary questions you may be wondering when arranging a visit to Fiji is, can it be better to splurge in a comprehensive hotel or traveling on a budget to Fiji?

This can only be answered from you! 😉

Sometimes, it may in fact be cheaper to proceed with the comprehensive option rather than doing it all yourself, particularly in case you intend to travel to more distant islands in Fiji. For instance: we reserved the majority of our excursion to be at a comprehensive hotel in Fiji, and it was more economical to purchase the all-inclusive package rather than paying for the space and meals individually.

If you are intending to adhere closer to Suva, you’ve got more choices. In cases like this, you could spring for a more affordable hotel or hostel, and locate budget-friendly restaurants and cafes.

Watch Out For Falling Coconuts

One of Fiji’s particular risks to tourists is… decreasing coconuts

When we arrived in our hotel island, among the first Things the supervisor said was to watch out for falling coconuts. We thought she was kidding, but apparently not! Falling coconuts actually can lead to considerable harm to the trunk, shoulders, neck and head, and on events, may even kill someone.

Wet & Dry Season in Fiji

Speaking of storms, Fiji has two different seasons: wet and dry season.

The rainy season runs from November through April and is characterized by humidity and rain. The dry season is from May to September and can be reportedly the very best time to go to Fiji due to less rain and warmer temperatures.

French Polynesia Travel Guide

French Polynesia is one of the Pacific’s hottest — and Sought after — tourist destinations on earth. It is composed of 118 islands across 6,400 square km of sea. It is a gigantic, remote place offering towering volcanic peaks, rocky cliffs, and emerald lagoons offering a number of this South Pacific’s most breathtaking scenery.

All these islands are where you find those scenic bungalows on stilts over blue lagoons. It is nothing short of a tropical heaven.

Visit Fatu Hiva

Fatu Hiva is the southernmost of the marquesas Islands and also the most isolated. Its Bay of Virgins is frequently called the very breathtaking bay in French Polynesia. There are not any beaches around the island. Rather, you’re satisfied with the rugged magnificence of the valley edges, ravines, and jungles. But folks come here to the diving and snorkeling. Situated from the Marquesas, you can get here through a costly 3.5-hour trip from Tahiti to Atuona, followed with a 5-hour ferry that prices around 12,000 XPF ($120 USD). To get a 12-14-day multi-island cruise round the area, costs begin at 327,000 XPF ($3,200 USD). It is expensive to get here but it is an untouched paradise.

Hike Belvedere Lookout

Located on Moorea, Belvedere Lookout provides sweeping Panoramic views of the island. Quite a few marae (traditional spiritual places) will also be scattered in the region simply leading up to the watch. It is about a 3-hours roundtrip out of Paopao on a simple trail (you might also drive the majority of the way up also).

Stop by a Marae

Marae are Polynesian temples in which people came to provide up gifts to the Gods. The most striking is Taputapuatea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on the island of Raiatea. Opunohu Valley, which stretches from the mind of Cook’s Bay towards Belvédère on Moorea Island, has marae scattered throughout the walking trail. The marae are often big cobblestone squares and don’t have any roofs or walls.

Go whale watching

June and July is peak whale-watching year from the Austral islands south of Tahiti. Pods of humpback whales float to Rurutu and Tubuai out of Antarctica to give birth. This makes for one of the most spectacular sights you’re very likely to see in your journeys. The whales can grow around 50-feet long and weigh over 66,000pounds. Expect to spend approximately 10,000 XPF ($100 USD) on a trip. You could even swim with humpback snakes, with swimming trips costing roughly the same as a whale watching tour.

Head to Ua Pou

This is actually the 3rd biggest of the Marquesa islands. It is a sterile desert island together with oasis-like valleys. It’s 55km (34 miles) south of Nuku Hiva and makes for a gorgeous addition for any trip to the Marquesas. Do not overlook the historical Catholic church at the middle of this island along with its amazing woodcarvings. There is a couple restricted and rustic lodging options here. If you’re searching for something away from the normal resort island, then this is it!