1. Choose a place in your home Baby boys photography that has good lighting. A well-lit picture is possible only with good lighting. Consider natural light from windows and glass doors. Do it! It’s worth it! After you have found the perfect spot for lighting, face your baby toward the light source. For example, have your baby “looking” at the direction/window.
  2. 2- Prepare before your baby is born. You can cake smashing photography plan ahead if you need special outfits or props for your newborn. This will help you save a lot of stress. This rope bucket is a great DIY newborn photography prop if you don’t own blankets or baskets.
  3. 3- Keep your aperture wide open (or the lowest setting possible) to create a creamy background. This will make your subject pop and help you focus. It takes practice, but if you need to, grab your manual and learn how to adjust your aperture. You’ll be happy!
  4. 4- Make a calendar. You can schedule your home baby photoshoot if you want to take those creative and cute baby boys photography every month. You have so many options for monthly baby photoshoots. You can use month stickers or blankets with the month written on them. Some people prefer to have photography internships the same blanket, others like a white onesie but with a different background.
  5. Ask for help. Ask for help if you are unable to take your newborn photos at home. It’s likely that you will need extra help to take the baby boys photography.
  1. Be safe. Do not try to do crazy newborn poses like the pros. Don’t forget that most of this is edited. Keep it simple, safe, and real. With #5 and another set of hands, this is always a wise decision. Safety of the baby is the most important thing.
  2. Be yourself. Do not be afraid to take a picture mama! You can either set the self-timer to play with the idea, or you can hand the camera off if you have tip #5 of having help. You don’t have to worry about looking perfect, having the right timing, matching or coordinating clothes and the perfect hairstyle. And you shouldn’t fret about how much weight you may have. You won’t care about it in years to come, but you will care if you have photos of your sweet baby boys Photography of baby boys is more important than babies. You can find it here!