For Festive Family Fun, Holiday Games and Activities

There are plenty of party games and winter activities that will appeal to everyone. Family members can bond and create memories together through fun holiday activities. There are fun games and treasure hunts for kids, as well as quizzes and murder mystery games suitable for adults of all ages and specially-designed products for seasonal celebrations like halloween scavenger hunt, Christmas, Easter or Summer. On the Grapevine’s website, visitors will find pre-made items for celebrations and other events. There is everything you require, from murder mysteries to pub quizzes and amazing themed treasure hunts that are perfect for children.

Winter holidays can be a time when kids can get bored and restless indoors. This is especially true if it’s cold in your area and you are staying at home. Sit-down board games for families are a favorite, but you have the option to mix it up and be creative.

These holiday activities are flexible enough to fit your space and holiday, and can be modified easily for children of all ages.

Relay for Gift Wraps

This simple game can help you catch up on holiday gift wrapping if you are behind. It’s fun and productive, if “done” is better that “perfect.”

Set up a station for wrapping with tape, paper, ribbons and scissors. Next, gather the children and have a relay race to determine who wraps the fastest. If possible, encourage players to stand instead of sitting for this activity.

You can make relays more difficult if you have many children. Divide the players into two teams, each using one hand to wrap. You want to make it more challenging? Blindfold one member of your team and ask the other for instructions, but not hands-on assistance.

Christmas Craft Party

A holiday arts and craft party can stimulate creativity and keep your children busy.

They could trim an artificial mini-tree, or they can all decorate a tree in their backyard. You might find children enjoy creating simple menorahs or trees on paper, and then decorating them with art materials. Make your holiday creations creative.

Treasure Hunt

You can hide a little treasure or several for your children to find in a classic Scavenger Hunt activity that will keep them moving for as long as they need to find them.

Your treasures should be matched to the occasion. You could use holiday cookie cutters, candy canes or tree ornaments; Hanukkah Gelt or Menorah Candles; or Kwanzaa mkeka and candles.

Holiday Talent Show

A talent show can transform a Saturday night at home into a holiday party. Your kids can star in their own holiday-themed variety shows, or you could create multi-generational family teams to bond.

Cast members can perform a holiday story or dance choreography to a holiday tune. You can put a festive spin to the standard party tricks. Children and adults alike will love the magic trick of making Grandma’s sugar cookies disappear.

Human Christmas Tree

You can invite a friend to help you decorate the tree. Get ready for lots of laughter and a lot of fun. Next, decorate the tree with what you have: ribbons, bows, aluminum foil and tinsel.

You can also decorate each family member individually and hold a contest to see who is the best dressed. You can only vote for yourself. After decorating everyone, take a group picture that you can share with your loved ones.

‘Snowball’ Soccer Game

Indoor snowball soccer does not require any snow. Indoor snowball soccer is an active holiday party game that uses paper or balloon “snowballs.” You can play it indoors in December, as well as outdoors all year for a unique twist on a warm-weather classic.

Clear enough space to allow everyone to move freely before you begin the game. You can set goals at either side of the space (e.g. between two throw pillows on the floor).

Indoor snowball soccer can be played as a team or individually. The goal is to push each other to get the “snowball”, which they then kick into the goal.

Caroling Charades

Charades is a traditional game that involves reciting a phrase and then having your team guess the meaning. You can also choose your favorite holiday songs or classic carols for this holiday party game.

Stick to familiar tunes for children. You can add some oldies and more obscure songs from past holidays to make it more difficult for older adults.