Ideas for a Zombie Birthday Party

Birthday parties for children are a great way to let your creativity flow and celebrate with your child (and your friends). You won’t soon forget. It’s a good idea to plan a party around the theme your child likes. This is a sure way for them to have a blast and also a simple way to coordinate details such as decor, attire, food, etc. Grapevine is a concept by Mirago Media AB. Our aufgaben schnitzeljagd goal is to design and develop products at a reasonable price that allow for enjoyable, and productive hours, in the current fast-paced and global world.

You’re in luck if your child is a big fan of zombies. You can host a party with a creepy theme using these clever party ideas.

Send spooky invitations

With this zombie-themed Zazzle invitation, you can get your guests buzzing with excitement. Make sure you include all important information such as the date and location of the party and whether or not there will be adult supervision. Your invitation can be used to ask your guests for specific requests, such as “no gifts” and “abide by a certain dress code” (such as apocalypse clothing).

Place warning signs

These zombie warning signs from Marilyn Clark, 4 You With Love, will set the scene for guests as soon as they arrive at your home. These signs can be printed and attached to stakes using wood paint stirrers (available at the hardware store). You can use them to decorate your yard and line the path to the party. They can be hung indoors to decorate your party space or used to mark which doors are closed in your home.

Decorate with (Faux Body Parts)

These creepy zombie hands that creep out of pots were “Planted” in a Sew Woodsy tutorial. They are a great way to scare your guests. These hands were made from hand she bought at the dollar store and can be placed anywhere you like, from your front porch to the centre of your party table. Faux gravestones can be placed in your garden, or glow-in-the dark cobwebs are used around your home to hide body parts.

Play Zombie Games

A party is not complete without some spooky games. You can encourage spooky fun by organizing zombie-themed activities that party-goers can participate in. Children younger than 5 will enjoy games such as zombie freeze and musical zombies. Older kids will be more interested in brain toss or a “body parts” scavenger hunt using pink water balloons.

Get ready for a Zombie Feast

Marie Dannettelle, Sweets Indeed, was asked to design a dessert table. She paid close attention to every detail. The clever design and nods will be appreciated by fans of The Walking Dead. But even younger children can appreciate Marie Dannettelle’s survivalist table design, and her selections of thematic desserts.

Bite Into Brains

The more gross the party menu, the better! You can embrace the zombie theme and serve up food that looks disgusting but tastes amazing. Rosana Pansino’s brain cupcakes are one example. You can also make bloody meatball subs and finger hotdogs.

Enjoy a sip

What is the antidote for a zombie infection? It’s a delicious drink! This bright green zombie punch by Play Party Plan will delight guests. It includes floating candy eyes and gummyworms. You don’t have to make a special drink, but you can shop your local supermarket for drinks that match your theme.

Craft Crazy T-Shirts

T-shirts for guests can reinforce the zombie theme. You can make them ahead of your guests, as Vanessa from Tried and True did with the vinyl above. This vinyl flips on top of a child’s head and exposes a gruesome zombie face. You could also make t-shirts as a party activity. Have each child tie-dye a “blood red” shirt and take it home post-apocalypse.

Send a parting gift

With a useful and thematic gift of hand sanitizer, thank guests for their attendance. Kate, blogger behind Never Done With Fun created a label for zombie antidote that you can print and stick on any bottle of store-bought medicine. gifting. Gifting.