How a tree surgeon can help with height reduction

How to reduce a tree’s height

Most homeowners request a reduction in the height of trees in their yards because they feel that the tree is too large for its place or that it is encroaching on power lines. Are you in search of a tree surgeon? Real Home Improvements employs highly experienced tree surgeons near me from Burnley. Our arborists are certified and professional. tackle any kind of foliage.

There are other reasons trees can be reduced in height:


These parts must be removed if the trunk or upper limbs are dying or damaged. Higher branches can fall on lower branches, injuring people and property.

Pruning is necessary if branches rub against each other excessively. This kind of scraping is often done within the same tree as well as among adjacent trees. The branches could fall to the ground if they do not cooperate.

Trees touching power lines can pose a fire hazard.

Trees that are structurally unstable near your home could fall on it, especially in bad weather or severe storms.


To protect the tree’s health, it is important to remove any limbs that have been affected by insects or fungal disease.

To prevent spread of disease to the surrounding trees, infected areas must be removed.


Sometimes, a large tree can block the view of a driveway or street.

Trees may be irregularly shaped, top-heavy or have unsightly dead branches.

Your tree surgeon will inform you about the time it will take to perform a crown reduction. Sometimes, it is possible to do it in one day. Sometimes, however, full height reductions will take longer, sometimes up to a year. It all depends on the size and condition of the tree. Trees can be killed if more than one-fourth is removed at once. If the tree poses safety hazards, we will trim it to the minimum necessary to protect you and your family.

When is the best time to prune?

Pruning trees must be done in spring or autumn when there are no leaves. The shape of the tree will be affected by trimming the branches. It is important to see the shape of the tree before you begin.

However, trimming and pruning can be done at any time of year depending on the tree’s maturity and the number and type of branches being cut.