The most durable pair of travel shoes

When I travel, I make it a point to do it sustainably and with purpose. I enjoy traveling to sustainable destinations and making a positive impact on the people and places I visit. Additionally, I support brands that actively work to make the world a better place by supporting their products. It is so important to pack sustainably!

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We partnered with Tropicfeel to produce quality and responsible travel products. Tropicfeel produces everything from travel shoes to clothing and backpacks. Their mission is to make gear that lasts for years and has a positive environmental impact.

We want you to be the most sustainable traveler possible. This means that we will help you choose the best travel shoes and the best places. These are the top qualities to look out for in a pair or sustainable clothing brand.

Product Traceability

It can be difficult to track where materials came from in today’s fashion industry. Transparency is crucial if you want to buy shoes from a sustainable fashion company. Find out the ingredients, where they came from, who made them and how they were made. This information is essential for any brand that wants to be sustainable.

Tropicfeel, for example, is very transparent in its production processes. They are committed to becoming carbon neutral and have implemented a nomination process in manufacturing. They also use recycled plastic bottles for their travel shoes production.

Particularly, the Jungle shoe by Tropicfeel uses seven recycled plastic bottles per pair, whereas their Sunset shoe uses six.

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Accessibility at the Price Point

When choosing sustainable brands, I find that the price point is often much higher than average. There are many reasons this might be, but it can often make items unaffordable for the average person and not give them an incentive to sell their products.

But, sustainability and sky-high prices don’t have to be the norm. It is possible to find responsible products at fair prices.

Tropicfeel products are affordable so they can be easily accessible. These products are durable and can last a lifetime so you can be sure that every dollar that you spend will go towards your future.

Inspirational Alternative Destinations

Overtourism has become a hot topic in recent years. What does this actually mean?

This means that tourism is causing infrastructure damage and reducing the quality of life in certain areas. This means that you can use your tourism dollars to travel to other equally beautiful destinations that could benefit from your trip.

This idea was the inspiration for Tropicfeel. Seeing the dangers of overtourism in certain areas of the globe, the founders were inspired to create products that would inspire others to take action to end unsustainable travel practices.

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Conscious Packing

Conscious packing refers to the idea that all your items, including those you bring on your travels, should be ethically sourced and high-quality.

It can take some trial and error, or reading through a few blogs posts to find the right formula. It can be difficult to find high-quality items that will last for years. It can be difficult to determine what you should bring on each trip, and to not take too much.

Being conscious about packing is all about doing your research and understanding that a well-made item will lower your cost-per use.

This doesn’t have to be a part of your travel experience. Conscious packing begins at home with what you already have. These items will last longer than fast fashion if you shop less and for better quality.

Crowdfunding Production

A lot of companies mass-make a product to sell, and often have extra product left over. Tropicfeel is one example of a company that uses crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a way for companies to gauge the interest of the public before launching new products. They do this by asking them to pre-order the product. This allows them to know the exact sales figures before they start the manufacturing process. They can then use the money to launch their business.

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Travel is for everyone

Understanding that travel is possible for everyone, at any time, is another key aspect of sustainability in travel. You don’t have to travel to another part the world to feel the wonder and awe that travel brings. It can be experienced every day through conscious choices and slowing down.

If we only open our eyes and look around, there are many unique moments all around us