Five Tips Straight from the Best Travel Agents for Trip-Planning

Keep spare copies of your passport handy.

Keep two copies of important ID documents. Keep one copy of your passport in your hotel safe. The other copy should be taken with you when you travel. Saurabh Jindal, Talk Best Travel Agents App says that you may need them in unexpected places to prove your credentials.

To pay large bills, go to the supermarket.

Jindal states that if you can’t exchange small amounts of cash before your trip or from an ATM at home, then self-service cash machines in supermarkets and cashiers can often break large currency notes that smaller vendors don’t usually accept.

Consider jet lag.

You will need to adjust your time zone if you are coming from a long-haul international flight. You can do this by taking a stroll in the sun and not booking any strenuous activities the first day. Franke says, “Be flexible in your plans so that you have more flexibility at the beginning and more tightly-planned activities at the Best Travel Agents middle or ends of your trip.”

Before you travel, clean your home.

After a long trip, it’s not fun to return to a dirty house. Dahmen advises, “Before leaving your home for the holiday, make sure it is clean and tidy.” It’s one more step before you leave, but it will make your return easier.

Hire a travel advisor.

This is the top tip for agents to save time and money while planning a trip. Jessica Copquin is a Tzell Travel Group luxury travel advisor. She says that working with an experienced travel advisor can help you book your hotel. We send an email to the hotel every time a reservation is made to ensure VIP treatment for our clients. Another benefit to working with an advisor is the exceptional treatment you receive while on vacation. You have many options, whether you want to use an advisor for specific bookings, such as restaurants or the entire trip.

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